Courtwarming 2024

The rise of technology in our schools has led to, on more than one account, vast changes in the ways in which we deal with weather. On one hand, snow days for us students will never look the same again. We mourn the automated calls that would come in announcing to our parents that our weekend was extended or that we got a spontaneous winter break in January. But as elementary students we never thought about how we would have to then make those days up in May. We were blissfully unaware of the consequences that crashed through early summer vacation plans or parents having to take unexpected time off.  Today AMI days protect the first five icy, bitter cold, or just-in-case days. Dr. Yoder’s automated voice still rings; but it is the sound of responsibility rather than idle snow days. 

The foreboding forecast for Courtwarming last Friday was one such case of wintry  conditions. It risked the traditional basketball game, dance, and Project Grad Silent Auction being canceled. On the behalf of fervent administration and forecasting, all activities were rescheduled. The game and auction took place last Thursday, along with the annual coronation ceremony. The energy was electric, the game was tight, and the student section went wild at the announcement of the 2024 Courtwarming King and Queen (Congratulations Gavin Black, Jada Smith & the entire Court). The night was that much better with the assurance of safe travels for all attendees. 

As frustrating as change and technology can be, it has allowed the school to keep us safe, tradition in place, and education at the top of the priority list. From iPads to AMI days to forecasts, I’m intensely grateful for the change that allows us to commit to success.