The 36th Annual Senior Citizen Banquet was filled with laughter, friendship, great food, high quality entertainment and a true sense of community.    Performances by the Jazz Band, Les Chanteurs and Girls Glee kicked off the festivities with top notch performances that got the crowd ready for the upcoming holiday season.  The delicious meal that our cooks prepared was served by National Honor Society members, who also hosted the event.  As dessert was being eaten, the Upper Elementary Choralettes put on a patriotic and interactive performance for the crowd.  The evening wrapped up with the fantastic musical  Mamma Mia! presented by the High School Drama Department. 

SOTO Student Insiders Article:

Every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, my grandparents make the two hour trek up to lil Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in their Sunday best. Their first and last stop is the Senior Citizens’ Banquet. Most years, they’ll have two or three grandkids involved with the festivities. But as time has gone by, they’ve found themselves just enjoying the spirit of community that resides in the Banquet. 

The Banquet is put on in collaboration with the school, National Honors Society (NHS), and the fine arts programs. This year, the night started off with live jazz played by the high school’s jazz band. Then, a sampling of choirs danced and sang the night away as the attendees were served by members of NHS. All food served was prepared by our school’s amazing lunch staff. But the main event was still to come: all seniors were invited to a free showing of the high school production ‘Mamma Mia. Reviews for the musical were raving this year. Classic, up beat, and romantic, Mamma Mia featured some of our most talented students. 

The Senior Citizens’ Banquet is not only a way for students to give back to our community, but to also connect with it. After smiles, laughs, and full stomachs, both parties left knowing that regardless of generational differences, there is value in serving and enjoying each other's company. That community is what will continue to bring my grandparents back year after year. 
-Gratian Adams

Thank you to all who made it an amazing night!  Feel free to view the video and photos below: