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School of Osage partnered with Lake Ozark & Osage Beach police departments for a two day training with ALICE to become certified trainers. ALICE Training Solutions is a nationally recognized program designed to empower workplaces, schools and individuals to respond to a violent critical incident with confidence.

School of the Osage had sixteen participants that were a mix of district administrators, building principals and teachers. All five buildings in the district were represented by at least two participants. Lake Ozark and Osage Beach police departments each had two officers participate in the training.  All participants became certified to be an ALICE trainer within their government organization. 

This level of training and program will help empower teachers and staff to be active first responders during a violent critical incident both in schools and in our community. School of the Osage will continue to implement portions of the training program to their school community during the 23-24 school year. 

The plan to bring this level of training to School of the Osage was approved by the Board of Education at the February Board of Education meeting. 


Front: Francis Brooke (trainer), Erica Brown, Cindy Page, Kaylee Miner, Tom Guinn

Back: Jonathan Pahlmann, Bruce Samuelson, Isaiah Huff, Dr. Brad Yoder, Wes Hall, Caleb Harvey, James Chapman, Rachel Bullock, Matt Schwenn, Holly Birdsley, Travis Hodge, David Dawson, David Sperling, Brian Dickerson

Not Pictured: Dr. Laura Nelson, Chris Wolf, Corey Toenjes