Safety & Security

Security Procedures

School of the Osage strives to ensure student safety throughout the school day.  For this reason, all visitors will be required to provide a valid photo identification card and sign in through the Raptor electronic sign-in system located in the front office of each building.  While in the building, visitors will need to wear their visitor badge and only be in areas noted on his/her badge.  Raptor may flag visitors who have a criminal record that prohibits him/her from contact with children, and those visitors may be denied entry by school personnel.  Volunteers and community mentors will be required to go through volunteer paperwork procedures including a background check before interacting with students.

When signing out children during the school day, parents/guardians or approved emergency contacts must present a valid driver’s license before students will be released.


Courage2Report is Missouri's statewide safety threat alerting system. Please visit their website to learn more: Courage2Report

We urge anyone with student safety concerns to make a report immediately to help keep our students safe. 

AMI Days, Snow Days and Early Dismissals

emergency weather sign


We will send out the notice of the cancelation or delayed start for students using several communications:

  • District and school websites

  • Text alerts to families and staff

  • Phone call to staff

  • Local media

If bad weather, temperatures or road conditions make it unsafe for students to get to school, we will call an AMI distance learning day. If we run out of the five AMI days allowed by the state, we will call a snow day.

Details about Inclement Weather Days

AMI Distance Learning Days

The state of Missouri allows distance learning from home, which they call "alternative methods of instruction," or AMI. 

Snow Days After We Run Out of AMI Days

We build in five AMI distance learning days, as this is the maximum number allowed by the state of Missouri. If we use all five AMI distance learning days, starting with the sixth day we will go back to the old system of calling a snow day.

Early Dismissal Days for Students:

We might announce an early dismissal if inclement weather happens during the school day. Notifications will be sent to families via robocall, text message, listed on our school website and social media outlets, and local news stations.