Osage Family Partnership

We are family and community members who partner with our school to achieve the mission of equipping all learners to reach their maximum potential for a lifetime of success.

To achieve this mission, the OFP focuses on ways to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and CELEBRATE with all partners.

We CONNECT with our partners by sharing information and resources. We COLLABORATE with our partners to welcome all families, communicate effectively, support student success, speak up for every child, share power and work with our lake community. We CELEBRATE with our partners and recognize and reward achievements.

What is required of a partner?  To be engaged at the level that fits YOU.  

2024 -2025 Meeting Dates

OFP All Tribes Meeting

OHS Fieldhouse

OFP ECC/ Heritage Tribe

Heritage Archive Rm.

OFP UE Tribe

UE Conference Rm.

OFP MS Tribe

MS Conference Rm.

OFP HS Tribe

HS Office Conference Rm.

August 2024

8/29/24 @12:30 pm

September 2024

October 2024

November 2024

11/7/24 @12:30 pm

December 2024

January 2025

February 2025

2/6/25 @12:30 pm

March 2025

April 2025

4/10/25 @12:30 pm

May 2025

2024-2025 Officers/ Contact Information

ECC/Heritage Tribe:
Facebook – Osage Family Partnership Heritage & ECC Tribe

Heather Snyder – President
Gina Doing – Vice President
Christie Thomason – Treasure
Amanda Boyer – Secretary
Rebecca Green – Co-Secretary

UE Tribe:

Jordan Bysor - President
Ashley Landis - Vice President
Cassandra LaBrue -Secretary
Kelly Frisella - Treasurer
Margo Arauz - Communications

MS Tribe:

Emily Smith - President
Liv Sakelaris - Vice President
Ann Duncan -Secretary
Jen Gattermier - Treasurer

HS Tribe:

Wendy Lierheimer - President
Genevieve Bendeck - Vice-President
Ann Duncan - Secretary